Indian king – Moncton

Or is it India king? Sorry I forget and I need to write this out while the inspiration takes me…

Is Indian king worthy of the crown?

To me, the Taj Mahal in Moncton has long been the top of the list, not too long ago it was the only Indian restaurant in town even if memory serves me right.

So has Indian king 👑 taken the crown?

In short, while the food was very nice, I don’t think they have. But this could be based purely on preferences.

So far, we have tried chicken curry, tandoori chicken biryani, chicken tikka, rice and their garlic naan. So it’s an early review.

The chicken curry had a very nice flavour indeed, and would have it again. But it was a little watery.

Chicken tikka was also very nice, but just a touch less spice and that wonderful smoky flavour of the Taj.

Tandoori chicken biryani was 50/50, their tandoori chicken is highly recommended, wonderful flavour! But the Biryani had too many whole spices left in it, and was overly flavored with one of those, probably cloves

Rice is a little undercooked

Garlic naan was on par with Taj, or maybe even a bit better. Tough one to call! I think they might be the king of naan bread though.

Photos to follow later…