Blue Olive, Dieppe

“Why do we not order from here more often?” is the question that came up after re-discovering the fabulous Middle-eastern and Mediterranean cuisine on offer at Blue Olive

They have a great mix on their menu from the delicious Shawarma to falafels, tajines/tagines and dishes from various parts of the world too, with a great mix Lebanese, Tunisian and Moroccan as well as some other influences from that part of the world too.

But since geography isn’t my strongest subject, let’s talk more about the food!

Shawarma – The shawarma chicken at Blue Olive is simply – insert mouthwatering cliche – but it really is tasty! There’s a nice tang from what I assume would be a drizzle of Lemon or other citrus too. It also features that char flavour some of us are not so lucky to be able to replicate at home. 9/10 at least!

Lebanese potatoes – oh boy! Are these little beauties not just amazing too? I’ve tried making them at home, but can’t quite match Blue Olive’s flavour (recipe coming soon) – 8/10

Rice – Their rice is very strongly flavoured with either Cinnamon or Cassia bark, so if that’s not a flavour you’re usually keen on? Their rice might not be for you. But, let me tell you something weird… I typically don’t like cinnamon but am in love with this rice! So I’m not sure what to say here. I’m a big fan of pilau rice myself, so I find this very appetising- 9/10!

Garlic sauce (AKA Toum) – I love garlic, so you know this is getting a good review! It is Blue Olive that first introduced me to Toum, and I have to say a huge thank you to them for that! There’s is definitely tasty too, so: 9/10!

Hummus – I can be a picky hummus person, not all of it created equal and some can be too overly preserved, I’m guessing there’s fresh, and it has a great taste and texture! Another good score here: 8/10

Tzatziki – This is another of those sauces I have a love/hate relationship with at times, but there’s is more in line with my tastebuds than most – 7/10

Pita bread – Gotta review one of the key staples here, they’re from Fancy Pokket – a local company – and are pretty damn good with a perfect air pocket in the middle for filling. 8/10

There’s a lot more dishes we need to sample here, and we’re looking forward to updating and adding more to this page as things progress. But if you’re looking for some fantastic Middle Eastern or Mediterranean regional food that is sure to get your tastebuds dancing, then give Blue Olive a visit. 9/10!